‘Floating’ TV Fits in with Asian-inspired Decor


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CE pro designs flat-panel mounting solution so not to intrude on this room's aesthetics, but also serve two viewing areas.

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Well how do you make a nearly 60-inch flat-panel TV not overwhelm a room that’s been carefully crafted in an Asian-inspired theme? Not the easiest task, but custom electronics pro Moore Audio Design may have pulled it off with a bit of zen-like calm and trickery.

“We worked very closely with the cabinet maker to design and build the custom wall unit that frames the TV and helps conceal the motorized mount mechanics,” says Bryant Moore. “The whole assembly appears to float on the wall.”

Certainly an eye-catcher more than an eye-sore. The TV itself is the first widescreen model that these homeowners had owned, and it’s a Panasonic 58-inch plasma. Moore mounted it onto a Chief CM7 automated swing-arm mount, which can extend the TV 14 inches from the wall and rotate it 30 degrees in either direction to accommodate any viewing situation, Moore says, which is especially nifty since the TV serves two viewing areas.

With the remote control, the plasma can be moved into place, while one button press can return it to a home position.

Aside from the aesthetics, the trickier part of the installation may have been routing everything cleanly and stealthily to the equipment head-end more than 50 feet away.

“Due to the distance between the TV and the equipment head-end, we are sending the HDMI signal to the TV over dual Cat5 cables through a Gefen HDMI extreme send/receive unit and providing remote power protection through a Richard Gray’s Power Company PowerLink in-wall power kit that plugs into a Panamax M5100PM power conditioner,” Moore describes.

The whole system is controlled from a Universal Remote Control MX900 remote and an MRF350 RF base station.

So was it a success? “The homeowners are thrilled and are having the best time showing off their new toy to friends and family,” Moore says. We’d say that’s a yes.

Systems Design & Installation
Moore Audio Design
Matthews, N.C.

Panasonic TH58PZ750U 58” 1080p Plasma HDTV
Chief CM7 Automated Swing Arm Mount
Universal Remote Control MX900 Remote
Universal Remote Control MRF350 RF Base Station
Gefen EXT-HDMI-CAT5X HDMI Extender
Panamax M5100PM Power Conditioner
Richard Gray’s Power Company PowerLink
Tributaries Series 9 HDMI Cables (2)

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