Flat Panel Prices Expected to Drop

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The NPD Group says that this holiday season could be the perfect time to buy a TV.

The upcoming shopping season might be the best time to buy a TV.

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Black Friday is typically a barricade-the-doors-and-stay-at-home kind of day for me. However, this season, it might be worth wedging your car on the last patch of parking lot grass; it could be the single greatest day to buy consumer electronics—ever.

The NPD Group says (via USA Today) that prices will be dropping like flies, and will stay low through next year. The drops are due to a lack of consumer spending and lots of product laying around. TVs in particular should see a very nice drop.

“2008 began as a year of uncertainty, but with faint optimism, especially for the TV market. So many factors are at play now, such as the slowing influence of an economic downturn, the looming end to analog broadcasting and fierce competition among both brands and retailers,” Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch’s director of North America TV research, recently said in a statement. “Furthermore, prices look to move downward more aggressively this holiday season as looser flat panel supply has helped drive cost reductions in the second half of this year. The complex interaction of all these forces will likely reach a crescendo during Q4 and Black Friday in particular.”

NPD says that 32-inch sets, which currently run for $600 to $700, could see around a 50 percent cut. These sizes are expected to be the hot seller this year—especially with those kinds of discounts. We also recently reported other expected Black Friday deals, including discounts on Blu-ray players and other consumer electronics.

Are you planning to buy a TV this season? Have you been holding out for the lowest price possible? What price will entice you to buy? Sound off in the comments section below.

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