Flat-Panel TV Does a Flip-Turn

New product puts art on one side; a TV on the other for two times the viewing pleasure.

Oct. 21, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s a common household dilemma: Should you hang a family portrait or a flat-panel TV above the fireplace mantle? There are lots of solutions that let you do both, the newest being the Flip-Around device from Hidden Vision. The patent-pending product, available as in both manual and motorized versions, is a unique wall mount that sandwiches together the backsides of a framed piece of artwork and a flat-panel TV. The mount flips 180 degrees, allowing you transition from Sunday afternoon football to an elegant cocktail party at the touch of a button or a gentle tug of the Flip-Around frame.

The product attaches to 2x4 studs and adjustable brackets hold any 30 to 50 inch flat-screen TV. Prices start at about $599 for a 40- to 43-inch flat-panel TV; add about $1,000 for a similar-size motorized version.

Another TV flipping option is the Flip-Out. Designed to be mounted on the wall above the headboard of your bed, it extends out over the bed and angles an attached TV (15 to 32 inches) for a comfortable view while sitting or laying in bed. Like the Flip-Around, it doubles a picture frame for whatever piece of art you’d like to display. When the artwork is displayed the TV stays hidden flat against the wall. Prices start at about $8000 for a 32-inch flat-panel TV; add about $1,000 for a motorized version.

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