Final Sound HD Receiver 201 Drives Electrostatic Sound System

final sound

A Final Sound virtual surround system, complete with electrostatic speakers

Virtual surround sound, including a Final Sound S95 Subwoofer, comes blaring through the company's electrostatic speakers with its HD System 8 and Receiver 201.

Jan. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’ve seen electrostatic loudspeakers, you know they appeal to audiophile enthusiasts who value performance and elegance. In an effort to complement their electrostatic beauties, Final Sound has debuted the Final Sound HD System 8 for a seamless virtual surround-sound solution.

The anchor of the System 8 is Final Sound’s HD Receiver 201, which combines a DVD/CD player, a quality 1080p video scaler, 75-watt receiver, and can create a virtual surround sound experience, the company says, when you match it with a pair of full-range electrostatic speakers.

The Final Sound HD System 8 also includes matching Final Sound Subwoofer (Final S95 subwoofer), but can also use two other Final Sound subs.

Your electric bill might appreciate the HD System 8 too, since it caters to the electrostatic speakers’ energy-efficient technology, as you can drive the company’s powerful F1000i speakers with just the 75-watt amplifier while getting the dynamic highs and lows the electrostatic loudspeakers serve up. Plus they just look cool—no hiding these speakers in cabinets or behind a screen.

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