Fast & Furious Set to Shake Your Seat


First theatrical feature to use D-Box Motion Code technology.

Mar. 10, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Fans of car chases and explosions will have one more reason to visit their local cinemas—but only if you live near Hollywood, CA, or Surprise, AZ.

On April 3, Universal Pictures will release the action thriller “Fast and Furious.” It will be the first movie to use D-Box Motion Code technology, introducing moviegoers to the added dimension of realistic D-Box motion effects.

D-Box will outfit two theaters—the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood and the UltraStar Surprise Point 14 in Surprise—with exclusive viewing areas equipped with special D-Box enhanced seating.

“This will be a first for moviegoers as they will be able to not only watch the movie, but also feel the action like never before in a commercial theater,” says Claude Mc Master, president and chief executive officer of D-Box Technologies.

Previously, D-Box was available primarily to owners of home theaters, who chose to install the D-Box tactile transducer underneath their theater seats. The adoption motion simulation technology by commercial cinemas will enable consumers to try out the technology before implementing it in their own homes.

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