Extend HDMI Signals 200 Feet

Impact Acoustics HDMI Repeater

A single repeater promises A/V up to 130 feet. Add a second repeater for a total length of 200 feet.

This new Cables To Go Repeater spreads the wealth of your audio/video.

Jul. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Your TV looks good in the living room, but your significant other likes to keep things clutter-free. While the TV may not always hog floor space, all of your audio and video sources can take up room—and leave plenty of cables dangling.

Cables To Go can’t solve your cable problems, but its new Impact Acoustics HDMI Repeater allows you to put equipment wherever you wish. Measuring a mere 2.63 x 1.75 x 1 inches, this piece promises to send sharp HDMI signals up to 130 feet away. Add in another repeater, and the distance can be bumped up to 200 feet.

Run one HDMI cable from your video source to the repeater. Then connect a second from the repeater to the display. Thanks to a RapidRun voltage inserter, Cables To Go says it’s easier for the unit to get power.

The Impact Acoustics HDMI Repeater is available now for $200 each.

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