TV Stand Includes Built-In Speakers


Got space issues? Evesham's Sound Stage X1 TV stand includes nine integrated surround-sound speakers.

Feb. 13, 2007 — by Gordon Jones

Choosing the right TV can be tough. Finding a decent stand to put it on, and then speakers that make it rock can be downright painful. Evesham’s Sound Stage X1 is a nice, refreshingly simple solution to that home theater conundrum. The glossy black stand has the legs to hold some serious screen and enough shelf room for plenty of shiny components. But the real kicker on this item (pun intended) is the built in surround-sound. The stand has nine integrated speakers:

  • 2x20W centers
  • 4x30W fronts
  • 2x20W rears
  • 1x50W sub

The unit is plug and play, meaning no wires to run or drywall to punch, and it achieves a surround-sound effect by bouncing sound off your walls. True, there are other products out there using this faux-surround strategy, but this is the first one I’ve seen that hides it so well.

Price: around $600 and available now.



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