Esoteric Offers High-Grade CD/SACD Experience for $3,500

Esoteric player

Esoteric’s SA-10 CD/SACD player

Esoteric's SA-10 player costs $1,000 less than the company's other audiophile-quality models.

Apr. 10, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For audiophiles looking to enjoy their CDs and SACDs at a lower price, Esoteric recently introduced its SA-10 player that at $3,500 costs a thousand bucks less than the starting price on previous Esoteric models.

The newly designed SA-10 offers high-grade performance and features Esoteric’s proprietary disc transport system which was developed as a vertically aligned optical stability platform (“VOSP”), the company says. The VOSP mechanism was first used in Esoteric’s UZ-1, SZ-1, DV-60 and SA-60 players, and reduces vibrations and resonance associated with signal noise and eliminates the need for off-axis error correction, according to Esoteric.

The SA-10 includes 2-channel dedicated analog audio outputs (RCA x1 / XLR x1), a dual mono 24-bit/192kHz digital to analog converter (Cirrus Logic CS4398 x 2) and a dual mono analog audio circuit for superior channel separation, the company says. Other features include: word sync input for use with Esoteric’s family of integrated amplifiers and stand alone master clocks; high-speed power via a large toroidal power transformer; and a highly rigid chassis construction with cut aluminum top and side panels for additional anti-resonance and anti-vibration properties.

Consumers can purchase the remote controlled SA-10 through Esoteric’s authorized dealer network. Visit for further details.

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