Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema Ships to U.S.

Epson Ensemble HD

Epson’s Ensemble HD Home Cinema System.

The all-in-one theater solution from Epson is shipping to U.S. dealers, with the 720p projector package for $5K and 1080p setup for $7K.

Jul. 07, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Don’t think you can easily transform your room into a home theater room? Think again, says Epson.

The company announced last year that it had put together an “Ensemble” Home Cinema System that incorporates speakers from Atlantic Technology. The theater bundle is now being shipped to U.S. dealers, so better get started rearranging your living room.

Epson’s pretty much made the system as easy as possible and convenient for you to add in your home. The goods include a choice of 1080p or 720p Epson PowerLite 3LCD projector, 100-inch motorized screen, A/V controller with integrated DVD player, Atlantic Technology 5.1 speaker system, universal remote control, all the cabling you need along with a cable management system, plus mounting brackets. You’ll have to add your own Blu-ray player.

The speakers also take into account that not every room is accommodating of a big 5.1 spread. The front speakers are integrated into the screen housing, while the rears are within the projector cradle. Sorry, you’ll have to make room for the 150-watt subwoofer.

The 720p version of the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System runs $4,999, while the 1080p version is $6,999.

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