Enhance Your Flat-Panel Viewing with Boston Acoustics’ TVee System

Boston Acoustics TVee

Boston Acoustics’ TVee Model Two system

Boston's TV Entertainment Enhancement System provides solid two-channel audio, with a wireless woofer and little wires to clutter up your entertainment area for $399.

Aug. 13, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You’re not still listening to your television from the built-in speakers that came with that flat panel, are you? You don’t necessarily need a super high-end stereo system or a 5.1 surround system to improve your viewing experience, but good two-channel speakers will do the job nicely.

Boston Acoustics has simplified the process of adding speakers to your television with its $399 TVee (TV Entertainment Enhancement) System Model Two.

Rather than worry about cluttering up your entertainment area with wires, the TVee consists of a slim two-channel soundbar and a matching wireless woofer. The soundbar can go above or below a television, ideally complementing a flat-panel TV, or mounted on the wall, while the wireless woofer can be placed anywhere in a room.

The soundbar features four 2.5-inch mid-bass drivers and two 1/2-inch dome tweeters, and the woofer has a 6-inch down-firing bass driver. And the only wires run from the soundbar to the TV’s line-level output. A bonus is that the TVee system also contains a special “Learning Function” that allows your current TV remote to control the TVee’s volume and mute commands, so you don’t need to add another remote to your basket of them.

As part of Boston Acoustics’ new “P.O.P.” (Personal Option Plan) design concept, you can customize the look of your TVee with replaceable grille cloths available in Glacier, Rosebud, Onyx, Pearl Gray, Caramel, Chocolat, Silver and Chili Pepper colors.

Boston gave us an A/B demo of the TVee last week at its headquarters, using a Red Sox-Indians baseball game and music clip from the 2004 Jammys among the material. If you aren’t ready to step up to a full system or are on a budget, the $399 add-on to your TV purchase is practical and very functional for the price, and delivers rich, full-bodied sound that coming from your flat panel may otherwise sound just that—flat.

Go to www.bostonacoustics.com for further details.

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