Enblink + Google TV = Easy Voice-Controlled Automation

The setup combines the Enblink dongle with a mobile app for Android.

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Enblink has been shipping to the masses since December. Now, it’s time for a little update.

In case you aren’t familiar with Enblink, know that it’s a little $85 dongle that can control all of your Z-Wave-enabled devices when paired with a Google TV. That lineup includes lighting, security, climate control, and more. According to Enblink, there are currently more than 1,000 Z-Wave-certified products—and Enblink should work with every last one of them.

Now for the fun part: Enblink’s newly announced update will add voice control into this easy-to-use equation.

Just plug in the Enblink dongle into your Google TV, download the Enblink app for Android, and you’ll be able to ramble off those commands in no time. You can also use the app to create scenes and events.

“Voice control is changing the way we interact with many of our electronic devices both in the home and on the go,” said Jake Yoon, CEO of Enblink. “Here, we wanted showcase some of the possibilities of voice control for home automation.”

The Enblink dongle is available now.

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