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Back in the day, big speakers were a serious measure of your audio setup. Today, you don’t always need those bulky cabinets to achieve big sound. Soundbars can bring that same type of sound, but without demanding most of your living room space.

A soundbar is a slim cabinet that’s designed to be installed right under your TV. Sometimes it has its own stand, or it can be wall-mounted to almost look like an extension of the TV. ZVOX’s IncrediBase 575 is unique in that it’s designed to withstand the weight of your TV. It acts as a base, all while belting out room-filling sound.

It’s also so easy that it has one wire and a one-page manual. The speaker is the one doing all of the work, packing in five speakers, two 6.5-inch powered subwoofers, a 133-watt amplifier, and PhaseCue virtual surround sound technology. Boasting bass down to 35Hz, the ZVOX IncrediBase 575 is designed to deliver all of the sound, without all of the setup, clutter, and speaker wire.

What the Manufacturer Says

Now you can get room-filling home theater sound, without a room full of speakers and wires. The ZVOX IncrediBase 575 is a complete surround sound system (including dual powered subwoofers) all in one cabinet! Just place the 575 on a piece of furniture, place your flat-panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, connect one wire… you’ve installed a high-performance home theater system in under 10 minutes.
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Reviews and Ratings from Around the Web

ZVOX IncrediBase 575
A complete sound experience inside a 36-by-16.5-by-5-inch cabinet.
Powerful sound
One-cable setup
No subwoofer needed
High price
Can’t be wall-mounted
“The 575 throws a muscled punch that hits hard for music and high dramas. Bigger and beefier than its predecessors, the IncrediBase is a strong contender for soundbar with the most sound.”
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4.5 out of 5
“ZVOX has really impressed me with the IncrediBase 575. The bass output is better and stronger than it has any right to be, and the quality of the midrange drivers can hold their own for both TV sound and music reproduction.”
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Sound & Vision
“If you’re seeking a no-fuss way to vastly improve your TV’s sound, Zvox’s IncrediBase 575 is the right solution. It delivers powerful, convincing movie and TV sound without the hassles and floor-space requirements associated with a typical multi-speaker surround rig. I’m sure there are some who will claim that they can assemble a component audio system that delivers slightly better sound at a similar cost. But that would be missing the point of the IncrediBase 575 completely.”
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What Electronic House Says

It’s not easy to get big sound from a small setup. However, the ZVOX Incredibase 575 Soundbar sure makes it seem effortless. Hook in one wire, and you could be rocking out to the tune of 5.1 virtual surround sound—and have it actually rock. While some may scoff at the price, this one-box option certainly packs a nice punch. More often than not, the size of your system has nothing to do with budget. If you’re looking for something to fill your smaller space with sound, this little box might be your best bet.

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