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Ever since DISH Network purchased Sling Media back in 2007, we’ve been waiting for a Sling-loaded set-top. The ViP 922 is that box.

Exclusive to DISH Network, the box comes packing a whopping 1TB of storage, and connects to two independent TVs in your home. However, the crowning jewel is the Slingbox service, which is built right into the box. This allows subscribers to watch any channel on their local lineup, as well as stored DVR content, from any web-enabled computer and select smartphones.

Aside from the ViP 922 box, you’ll need a DISH Network account. Log into that account and under the My Account tab, you’ll see DISH Remote Access. Once you have downloaded the appropriate plug-in, you should be able to search through your channel lineup, click to schedule recordings, and even watch live TV. To access the service on your smartphone, you’ll need to download the appropriate app.

Other features include picture-in-picture and on-screen caller ID. Also, because the device is DLNA-compliant, you can access photos, MP3s and other content from a connected computer or external hard drive. 

Of course, that kind of connectivity doesn’t come cheap. Depending on your package, the VIP922 upgrade can be pricey. Beside the DVR monthly fees, the box alone retails for $649. However, you may be able to score an upgrade deal from DISH for $200.

What the Manufacturer Says

DISH Network’s award-winning HD DuoDVR ViP 922 with TV Everywhere, the world’s only DVR with built-in Slingbox technology, allows customers to watch and control their favorite programs anytime and anywhere on their laptop or mobile device. The ViP 922 features a 1 TB hard drive with up to 1,000 hours of recording time—the largest hard drive in the industry.
Visit the DISH Network Website to Learn More About the ViP822 SlingLoaded DVR

Reviews and Ratings from Around the Web

DISH Network ViP 922 DVR
Sling-enabled digital video recorder
Sling technology!
1TB of storage
Can be pricey
Not compatible with GoogleTV

5 out of 5 stars (Performance)
“Bottom line: if you are a DISH subscriber, you’re going to want this box. If you’re not a DISH subscriber, you’re going to want to become one.”
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Big Picture Big Sound
3.5 out of 4 stars
“Built-in place-shifting, 1080p and 3D Video On Demand, DLNA home network media streaming and external hard drive support are but a few of the individual features that you’d be hard-pressed to find on any DVR.  And as for one DVR that includes all of the above, the ViP922 currently stands alone.”
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Sound and Vision
“I found myself especially impressed with the ViP 922’s graphically rich main menu system, a major upgrade from Dish’s earlier receivers. The tile-based menu, now in high-def, is simple, fast, and intuitive.”
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What Electronic House Says

We’d be hard-pressed to think of anything we love more than TV. The idea of taking our TV lineup anywhere in the world is an absolute dream come true. DISH Network’s ViP 922 set-top box offers that and a whole lot more. The only real downside is that you have to be a DISH subscriber. That said, the ViP 922 makes a nice argument if you’re considering a service switch. Those not willing to plop down the start-up fee for the set-top will be happy to know that DISH recently released the extremely affordable ($100!) Sling Adapter. However, if you have the means or the itch for an upgrade, the ViP 922 is hard to beat.

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