eCoupled Promises Wireless Power


Fulton will demo its wireless technology with a laptop at CES.

Fulton Innovation's new technology has been licensed by Motorola, Herman Miller and others.

Jan. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Wireless networking is nothing new. Wireless computing is nothing new. So what’s left to go wireless? Fulton has a wireless laptop to show off—not the ones we’ve grown to know and love, but this one takes on the last possible tethered task, and charges wirelessly.

Speaking as someone that lives by their laptop, and all of the cords needed to keep it charged, I am excited.

However, don’t go running to the retail shelves. Fulton only has the technology, which is known as eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power. They don’t make the goods. The release says that the laptop that they will show off at the Consumer Electronics Show is a joint effort with “a leading computer industry manufacturer.” See that thing in the picture that looks like a sandwich maker; that’s the laptop. They didn’t have any “real” pictures to send. So it’s all still a mystery, but they will also demonstrate it with the iPod, the Zune and even a George Foreman grill, which might make all of dreams of bedtime feasts a reality someday.

Fulton adds that their new innovation will actually save some resources and energy dollars. They also claim to be in cahoots with companies such as Motorola, Herman Miller and others, so hopefully we’ll see something in 2008.

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