Early Black Friday Forecast: $149 Blu-ray, $499 Plasma

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Dealnews is predicting very cheap larger-size HDTVs and Blu-ray players on Black Friday

Dealnews has started making its Black Friday electronics sales predictions, and they're looking good if you're waiting to buy Blu-ray and 42 to 50 inch HDTVs.

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Take expert predictions however you’d like—there’s a reason we’re not all living in Vegas, just ask the seven out of eight so-called ESPN experts who said the Lakers would beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals a few months ago.

Of course, we love predictions on the whole, though, so we keep ‘em coming on sports talk, politics talk, celebrity gossip talk ... and electronics talk. Dealnews is already gazing ahead at this holiday shopping season, specifically Black Friday.

Hey, we’re listening. Especially when the website says we’ll see 42-inch 720p plasma TVs going for $499. I’ll take two, thanks.

Other speculation includes: $149 Blu-ray player, $199 name-brand Blu-ray player bundled with some discs, $599 42-inch 720p LCD, $699 50-inch 720p plasma, 46- or 47-inch brand-name 1080p LCDs for $799, $99 HD camcorder, $25 7-inch digi photo frame, and a bunch of other nice-sounding deals.

Company CEO Dan de Grandpre is pretty confident about the Blu-ray odds. “Major tech blogs have predicted you’ll see a $199 Blu-ray player on Black Friday. Balderdash, I say! It’ll be much lower: We already saw a $229 Blu-ray player in August, and last year, HD-DVD player prices fell 50% overnight during the march to Black Friday. So, we’re predicting that you’ll be able to get a Blu-ray player for an astonishing $149.”

Blu-ray at HD DVD prices? Black Friday can’t come soon enough. What kind of prices do you guys predict?

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