DVR+ Is the Best Thing for Cable Cord Cutters

Record free TV and watch VUDU HD movies

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Count me among the people who want one of these. Channel Master’s new DVR+ is a dual-tuner DVR for recording high definition programming over an antenna, but it also includes a broadband connection for streaming video.

If you’ve considered dumping your expensive cable TV service (or like me, only pay for it in one room), but miss the ability to record TV shows, then this product is for you.

Just hook up an antenna, and you’ll be in business. It includes two ATSC digital TV tuners so you can record two programs at once—with no monthly fee or subscription.  There’s even an onscreen program guide for navigating your shows and scheduling recordings.

But what good is cord-cutting without streaming video, right? DVR+ has you covered there too, because it includes VUDU. With VUDU you also get access to high-quality HD streaming videos to any UltraViolet movies you loaded into that system.

Sound cool? There are a few things that make it less perfect. First—VUDU is the only streaming service on the system. Add Hulu, Netflix and Amazon and maybe a music service or two and then this device would be awesome.

Also, it doesn’t include Wi-Fi. You need to add the Wi-Fi USB adapter, which costs $40.

How much TV can the DVR+ record? Not much, actually. It only comes with 16GB of flash memory built in, but that’s because Channel Master expects you to add your own USB drive (or buy more storage from Channel Master). USB drives are cheap, so you can add a terabyte for about $100.

Channel Master’s press release says that future upgrades will be forthcoming, so hopefully those include the things I asked for above.

You can pre-order the DVR+ now for $250. It ships around January 2014.

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