DVico TVIX: The All-in-One Cylinder Media Hub


The TViX also includes an FTP server function, so you can access the system via the Internet.

The media machine adds a lot of audio and video features into a funky package.

Jan. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The media server just got a makeover. The DVico TVIX packs 1080p video, audio and digital video recording into a form factor that looks a lot like my current coffee maker.

Add in some brewing abilities, and we may have something. For now though, the TVIX isn’t so shabby. Other features include DVD playback, as well as support for a slew of audio and video file formats, outputs aplenty, and an optional HDTV tuner.

The best feature, however, is that it’s only $546. That kind of savings should be able to buy you plenty of Starbucks.

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