DVD Releases: November 28, 2006


Just the highlights: This week's new DVDs that are worthy of your collection.

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Our Product Geek heads to the video store! Editor Rachel Cericola highlights this week’s releases that are worthy of your DVD collection.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a big week for Superman! Aside from the big box set and a slew of high-def releases, “Superman Returns” hits stores in every format imaginable. This Man of Steel has some hair of steel, and Kate Bosworth to boot. Keep your eyes out for a beautifully bald and very sinister Kevin Spacey. Go for the HD DVD or Blu-ray version—superheros deserve the extra oomph. [$14.97 to $27.95]

The Ant Bully” isn’t the best of the kiddie bunch, but you can probably only watch “Air Bud” so many times, right? Compared to some recent animated blockbusters, this film looks a little lame, so just zone out on the voices of Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep and Paul Giamatti. [$16.87 to $27.95]

After all of the hype, “Clerks II” seemed like sort of a blip at the box office. It’s hard to follow up the original, but for Kevin Smith fans, it’s a must. [$16.87]

Robin Hood” is definitely a kiddie classic, but there’s not much on this new release that warrants the title “Most Wanted.” The extras include some songs and games, a bonus short and an alternate ending. However, Disney likes to limit their releases, so now is as good a time as any to add this to your holiday wish list. [$17.99]

St. Elsewhere” helped launch its all-star cast, which includes Denzel Washington, Ed Begley, Jr., David Morse, Mark Harmon and Howie Mandel. The ultimate ER drama, this first season is stellar—it’s the last episode you probably want to skip. [$27.99]

New notable HD releases:

  • An American Werewolf in London (HD DVD)
  • Dune (HD DVD)
  • Meet the Parents (HD DVD)
  • Mummy (HD DVD)
  • Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season (HD DVD)
  • Superman (Blu-ray, HD DVD)
  • Superman II (Blu-ray, HD DVD)

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