Dropdown Screen and Plasma Keep NYC High-rise Views Intact


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The stunning vistas in this 36th-floor apartment aren't interrupted thanks to some stealthy A/V installation that includes ceiling speakers, motorized screen and lifts for the projector and plasma.

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This 36th-floor apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side boasts breathtaking views in all four directions—who would want to clutter that up with a bunch of TV screens?

Exactly. But the owner does have an A/V bug and wanted to fully automate his bachelor pad ... he just needed to make sure his custom electronics pro could hide as much as possible.

Henry Daas of New York-based Flatiron AV & Computers explains how the company pulled off the feat, starting with the placement of the equipment. The end result is a spectacular mix of A/V and automation, highlighted by dropdown projector, projection screen and HDTV.

“Our first critical decision was the location of the head end,” says Daas. “Although the apartment is spacious by New York standards, closets are always at a premium. We opted for a wall cutout in the living room so the front of the Middle Atlantic rack would be exposed while allowing access to the rear of the equipment through a closet. The loss of precious closet space was kept to a minimum.”

After that was decided, it was on to the displays in the living room and master bedroom. No one wanted to interrupt those views, and that’s where the fun really began.

“We opted for a Vutec motorized screen and Lift-Tech projector lift in the living room and a Lift-Tech ceiling plasma lift with extension in the master,” explains Daas. Lift-Tech was also used for its motorized projector mount, which lowers and raises a Sony VSX-2000 projector into the ceiling.

For unobtrusive but effective audio to go with the creative video solutions, Flatiron incorporated SpeakerCraft Time speakers in both locations to achieve excellent sound without interrupting any sight lines.

One last bit of trickery—a single cable box and DVD serve as video sources for all the displays, so there’s even fewer black boxes. Flatiron utilized a Sony Component matrix switch to accommodate this request of the homeowner.

There are 11 speakers total –- (5) SpeakerCraft Time 3, (4) James Loudspeaker CS62 surrounds and (2) Sonance in Ceiling subwoofers with amplifier; all are ceiling mounted. The electronics include Parasound; the Classic 7100 w/ HDMI switch matched with the Classic 5125 and Zamp (for surrounds). And lastly, control for this stealthy setup comes via a Control4 HC-500 and Control4 10.5-inch Wi-Fi touchpanel.

Systems Design & Installation
Flatiron AV & Computers
Scarsdale, N.Y.

(1) Control4 16 Channel Amp V3 / AVM-16AMP3-B
(3) Control4 3 Button Keypad / KPZ-3B1
(3) Control4 6 Button Keypad / KPZ-6B1
(2) Control4 HC300 Home Theatre Controller / C4-HC300-E-B
(1) Control4 HC500 Home Controller / C4-HC500-E-B
(1) Control4 Home Controller HC-1000 / C4-HC1000-E-B
(1) Control4 MTS/LCD Tabletop Kit / KPM-TTK1
(1) Control4 Multi Tuner w/ XM / AVM-TUN1X-B
(6) Control4 PoE Mini Touch Screen - Color 4” / TSE-3.8C2
(1) Control4 WiFi Mini Touch Screen / TSG-3.8C1
(15) Control4 Wireless Dimmer / LDZ-101
(11) Control4 Wireless Switch / LSZ-101
(1) Control4 Wireless Touch Screen v2 w/ Cradle / C4-TSM10-G-B
(1) D-Link 16 Port switch w/ 8 Port PoE / DES-1316
(2) Engenius 600mw A/B/G Wap / ECB-8610S
(3) Furman M-8 Rack Power / M-8
(1) Control4 iPod Dock / FS-4
(4) James 32FX / 32FX
(1) Lift-Tech Plasma Pivot Lift / LT-200-P
(1) Lift-Tech Projector Lift / LT420
(2) Middle Atlantic 1U Blank Panel / BL1
(2) Middle Atlantic 1U Vent Panel / VTF1
(1) Middle Atlantic 2U Rack Shelf / U2
(6) Middle Atlantic Custom Rackshelf / RSH4A
(1) Middle Atlantic ERK 44 Space Rack / ERK-4420
(1) Middle Atlantic Rear Rack Rails / RRF45
(1) Middle Atlantic Ultra Quiet 2 Fan / UQFP-2
(1) Panasonic 42” Plasma Display / TH42PX75U
(1) Parasound Zamp / Classic 2125
(1) Parasound Classic 5125 Amp / Classic 5125
(1) Parasound Classic 7100 AV Controller / Classic 7100
(2) Parasound Zhd HDMI Switcher / ZHD
(1) Sling Media HD Connect / HD Connect
(1) Sling Media SlingBox Pro / SlingBox Pro
(1) Sonance Virtuoso Sub x 2 / A8000DR
(1) SonicWall TZ 150 Internet Appliance / TZ150
(1) Sony Cat5e Component Video Switcher / C4-CVS12ES-B-A
(2) Sony Cat5e Video Balun / C4-CVB1-A
(2) Speakercraft 6.1DT single stereo / 6.1DT
(3) Speakercraft AIM7 Pair / AIM7 Two
(1) Speakercraft Time Controller / Time Controller
(7) Speakercraft Time Three speaker / Time Three
(1) Vutec Control Interface / 100938
(1) Vutec Vision XL1 92” 16:9 Motorized Screen / VisionXL1
(32) Halo MR16 Fixtures
Liberty Cat5e, RG59 & RG6 Cables & Connectors
Key Digital HDMI Cables

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