DreamWorks Still Clinging to HD DVD

Bee Movie HD DVD

DreamWorks is still planning to release “Bee Movie” on HD DVD. Photo: © 2007 DreamWorks Animation

The movie studio is still planning to release "Bee Movie" on the defunct format next month.

Feb. 27, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

DreamWorks apparently wants a supernatural sign from Toshiba in regards to HD DVD. The company’s recent announcement that they would abandon the HD DVD format next month wasn’t enough for the studio; they are still sitting tight, honoring their exclusivity agreement.

“We have a partnership with Toshiba and have an obligation to see this through,” DreamWorks Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said on Tuesday (via Reuters).

Maybe he didn’t read the fine print; maybe there was no fine print.

Katzenberg went on to say he was waiting to see “what the next step will be,” meaning the studio was waiting to hear from Toshiba.

As of now, DreamWorks is still planning to release the Jerry Seinfield animated hit “Bee Movie” next month, on HD DVD. They might lose out on Blu-ray revenue, but the $150 million they received for their exclusivity deal could cushion the blow.

Katzenberg is just hoping things will be cleared up by the holiday season.

Paramount and DreamWorks received a combined sum for siding with HD DVD. The only other backer, Universal Pictures, announced earlier this month that they would be switching support to the Blu-ray format.

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