DreamWorks’ Katzenberg Changes His 3D Tune


The CEO will keep comments about competitors' 3D efforts to himself now it seems, and he's jazzed up again about the possibilities of 3D.

Apr. 19, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Recently, Jeffrey Katzenberg was all over Warner Bros. The DreamWorks CEO said that some 3D efforts, like Warner’s Clash of the Titans, could actually ruin the future of the technology.

Maybe that was a tad bit harsh.

Last week, Variety reported that Katzenberg had changed his tune slightly. The exec was seen at NAB in Vegas, not only pumping up the possibilities of 3D, but also staying mum on his competitor’s achievements. Kind of like when we last saw him in Vegas at the CES show, when he was proudly announcing the impending Monsters vs. Aliens 3D Blu-ray release from DreamWorks.

“I don’t think it’s for me to comment on other people’s (films),” he said when asked to elaborate on Clash. “I want to move on and say that broadcasters, moviemakers, we have a huge opportunity in front of us, maybe the best opportunity we’ve seen in decades.”

Oh—now he gets quiet? Well, he did have plenty of other things to say about the technology. For instance, Katzenberg also predicted that the at-home 2D-to-3D-conversion process would get better, and that we would probably see glasses-free cell phone 3D for next year’s Consumer Electronics Show. He also said he expects smaller 3D displays in five to seven years, although he doesn’t expect everyone to rush out and buy one.

“To think that there are not going to be some glitches and speed bumps along the way, is unrealistic,” he told the crowd. “We’re trying to roll out and create one of the greatest transformations of visual images that has ever happened in history. I think to have an expectation of instant perfection is neither practical nor realistic, and we will fail.”

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