Dodecasub is 10 Subwoofers Strong


The 12-sided Dodecasub packs 10 speakers, each powering 600 watts of sound.

Elemental Designs packs 10 subwoofers into a geometry geek's dream package.

Sep. 11, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Dodecasub is not a new special at Blimpie, but it gets us salivating just as much.

It’s kind of hard not to drool. Aside from the design, Crave says that this unit has 10 subwoofers, each packing 600 watts. That’s 6,000 watts total, which could actually be enough to knock a few teeth loose. If you want to get all geeky, you can watch a video on how the unit makes its magic.

It may look like a geometry geek’s dream, but with that many watts, we’re guessing that this thing might be your ticket to instant eviction.

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