DLO Packs iPhone Sound into an Egg


DLO’s iPhone speaker set is powered by either AAA batteries or the included AC adapter.

Philips' side project has launched the latest Apple accessory.

Feb. 11, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Everyone and their mother seemed to have an add-on for the iPod. The iPhone hasn’t exactly set the accessory world on fire. Maybe it’s smart of DLO to put out iPhone-specific speakers.

Of course, the poorly named Portable Speakers for iPhone also work with their musical brothers, the iPod. Apparently, Portable Speakers for iPhone/iPod just couldn’t fit on the front of the tiny box.

Marketing aside, DLO should have worked the unit’s circular shape into the title, because that is where the cool factor comes in. It’s easy to pop this egg into your pocket or purse and unfold it when it’s time to hang up the phone and crank up the music.

DLO says that the unit has an extra-wide sound stage and bass vents to produce powerful sound. It even has a stand to blast the music, video or speakerphone sound out, instead of up.

While $50 probably won’t rock your socks off, it’s got to sound a lot better than that iPhone’s teeny built-in speaker.


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