DIYer Creates Nautilus Speakers Out of Salad Bowls


One DIYer used a trio of IKEA bowls to replicate B&W's funky speaker design.

Feb. 17, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’ve spent a lot of time ogling the beauty that’s in B&W’s Nautilus. Well, while we were wiping drool, one DIYer was off creating his own set of the coveted speakers.

According to Apartment Therapy (via IKEA Hackers), Damir Paco of Denmark created his own version of the Nautilus using three salad bowls from IKEA. Um, what?

Yes, Paco actually modeled his speakers after B&W’s masterpiece using three wood bowls and hooks—all from IKEA. From there, everything was assembled using vacuum tubes and fiberglass.

While these are actual speakers, don’t expect them to have the same classic B&W sound. “The bass is a little flat,” says Paco, “but it can be done with a woofer.”

Also don’t expect directions on how to create your own. Paco says that he didn’t bother documenting his project.

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