DIYer Asks iPhone’s Siri to Fire Up a Movie


DIYer Greg Laabs uses the Harmony remote and a few tweaks to make a more impressive movie experience.

Jul. 31, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Harmony remote and the iPhone can link up several of your AV components for control purposes. However, one DIYer wanted his remote and that trusty portable to be more involved in his overall theater experience.

Shack News has a spotlight on Greg “OverloadUT” Laabs, a guy who tweaked his Harmony One to control the lights when movies are paused and unpaused. Harmony remotes can control some lighting systems, so it doesn’t sound all that impressive, right?

Um, no. The functionality is something unique. However, if it doesn’t excite you, there’s also the system’s use of SiriProxy, which Laabs calls “a much nerdier thing to set up and also far less useful.” Of course, it’s also very cool, allowing Laabs to use his iPhone’s Siri function to fire up a Blu-ray and dim the lights.

Laabs’ equipment list includes the Logitech Harmony One, SiriProxy, an IRLinc transmitter, SwitchLincs and the Insteon ISY-99i. Check out some of the fun and function in his video walk-through below.

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