DIY Book Recall: How Not to Wire Your Home


If you replaced a switch or receptacle using "Replacing Switches and Receptacles," brace yourself for electrical shock or fire hazard. About 1M DIY books recalled.

Oct. 06, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We know there are tons of great DIYers out there, based on all the cool theaters we’ve showcased over the years. But hopefully not too many of your projects were based on DIY home-improvement books from Lowe’s, though.

Oxmoor House, the publisher of the books, is recalling 17 titles because they contain faulty wiring instructions.

Among the titles:

  • Southern Living: Basic Wiring
  • Southern Living: Basic Home Wiring Illustrated
  • Southern Living: Home Lighting
  • Sunset: Replacing Switches and Receptacles
  • Sunset: Basic Home Wiring
  • Lowes: Complete Home Improvement and Repair
  • Lowes: Complete Home Wiring

A similar recall occurred in January 2010. In all, nearly one million books, sold from 1955 to 2005, are being recalled.

According to the recall notice:

The books contain errors in the technical diagrams and wiring instructions that could lead consumers to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring, posing an electrical shock or fire hazard to consumers.

Consumers, here’s a way to earn a quick buck: Scour your bookshelves, Goodwill, and used book stores for some of these dusty old titles. The books were sold for $5 to $20 and Oxmoor is offering a “full refund.”

We’re not sure if inflation is factored in.

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