DirecTV Tests NFL Sunday Ticket Online in N.Y.


DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is hitting the web, but only in N.Y. for now.

Those who can't get satellite signals in New York will be able to try DirecTV's Sunday Ticket for the web for $349.

Aug. 17, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For football fans it’s tough to beat DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s also tough to get off the couch on those Sundays that you can click and find every NFL game to watch.

But satellite service isn’t ideal for everyone. Just as the thousands who live in New York high-rises that can’t really swing the service, or other areas of the country where satellite is difficult to install.

So DirecTV is reportedly giving those people the opportunity to watch football online instead (provided you can get good broadband service, of course). USA Today is saying that this trial program will be available for New Yorkers this year, to be rolled out nationally next year.

The cost is reportedly $349 to view any game through the online service except for the local games that can be viewed on traditional network broadcast—in this case, Giants and Jets games. If you have the package and your computer is connected outside the New York area you’ll be able to receive those games.

If you do receive the satellite service and have the $299 Sunday Ticket package, you’ll reportedly be able to add the broadband viewing for an extra $100 as part of a “Superfan” deal.

Games will be viewable on a special video player installed on your computer.

Sounds like a good football version of what MLB’s been doing with its revamped MLB.TV service. With kickoff about three weeks away, any New Yorkers biting on this? If so, what are the expectations—and will your computer be hooked up to a TV as well? Let us know in comments below.


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