Digital Projection Demos 3D Blu-ray at “3D for Real” Seminar


DPI, Stewart, S1Digital, and Crestron join forces to demo 3D technology to dealers and custom installers. 

DPI, Stewart, S1Digital and Crestron join forces to demo 3D technology to dealers and custom installers.

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Most of the industry buzz around 3D has been focused on LCD and plasma displays. Still, 3D front projection is alive and kicking, especially on the high end.

Last week, luxury projector manufacturer DPI (Digital Projection International) teamed up with Stewart Filmscreen, S1Digital and Crestron to demo the latest 3D technologies and provide much needed education on 3D installation. 

One of the major tech demos put on by DPI included full 3D Blu-ray capabilities in their Titan and Lightning 3D projectors, which are now fully compatible with Samsung and Panasonic 3D Blu-ray players. The DPI 3D projector line is also compatible with the Mechdyne Dimension 3D media server as part of the Total 3D Experience System. 

DPI’s partners also had plenty of tech on hand for demo, including sessions with Stewart Filmscreen on how to select the proper screen for 3D projection in the home, along with media server demos from S1Digital and Crestron’s ADMS system.

And all of those pretty red 3D glasses? The were provided care of XpanD

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