Digital Converter Box Coupons In Your Mailbox Starting Next Week

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Look for the government’s converter box coupons starting next week

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration agency will start sending out the $40 coupons next week.

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You can start looking in your mailbox for those converter box coupons next week, when the government will start sending them out.

The $40 coupons for the digital boxes that will let you continue to watch TV on your old analog set when analog transmission is turned off next February are part of a $1.5-billion program to help out with the cost. Converter boxes themselves are expected to cost between $40 and $70.

Demand seems to be pretty high for the coupons so far, as about 5 million have been requested since Jan. 1, according to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration agency.

Note that after you receive the coupon you have 90 days to use them, and retailers like Best Buy are already stocking them.

You can sign up for coupons online from the NTIA at

Via: USA Today

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