Design Your Own Seats, Racks and AV Cabinetry

Salamander Designs’ configurator tools offer a “Design Your Own” furnishings experience.

Salamander Designs' new website lets you design and configure your entertainment furnishings.

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Home theater furniture runs the gamut. There are big chairs with footrests and huge arms, smaller seats meant to tuck into tighter spaces and everything in between, not to mention various styles and configurations.

The options are just as broad when it comes to entertainment cabinetry. So much so, that it can be challenging to find the right pieces for your home.

Salamander Designs hopes to simplify the process of choosing furnishings through a powerful new website ( that allows users to build their own seating arrangement and cabinetry configuration.

For example, from one of the “Design Your Own” Custom Configurator tools—there’s a Seating Configurator and a Synergy System Configurator—you can choose the style of chair, select the layout, and add features like armrests and footrests. You can even throw in a few pillows or have a tablet mounted to the armrest.

If the seats looked too cramped within the room dimensions that you entered, you can try something different.

Cabinetry design works similarly. You pick a style, a size and add elements like doors, feet and a TV mount. You can alter the design until you get to a solution you like. All the while, the configurator keeps a running tally of the cost, so it’s easier to stay within your budget.

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