Denon Sells 5 Feet of Cable for $500

Denon AK-DL1 Denon Link

Denon says that the AK-DL1 Denon Link will “bring out all the nuances in digital audio reproduction” from any of its DVD players with the Denon Link feature.

Sale or snake oil? Denon's cable prices are causing a stir -- and not in a good way.

Jun. 20, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Got $500 in your piggybank? Crack that thing open and let’s get some cable!

Denon is currently hawking its AK-DL1 Denon Link cable. The product is sold in a 1.5-meter (59 inches) bundle, for the cool, completely insane price of $499.

The company says it’s made of high-purity copper wire and high-performance connection parts. It could have fairy dust and ground-up unicorn horns, but we don’t care. Denon says that the product was designed for the “audio enthusiast.” Network World says this description is “Denonese for ‘sucker.’” Ha!

Good cable does make a difference; there’s no denying that. We understand that cable is a hot—and sometimes extremely angry—topic. What price is your limit when it comes to hooking up your audio/video?

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