‘DeepHemp’ Delivers Deep Bass from Omega

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Omega Speakers’ DeepHemp subwoofer

Omega Speakers' DeepHemp Subwoofer is designed to complement the company's hempcone-fueled loudspeaker lineup.

Dec. 12, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

They say you can make pretty much anything out of hemp, and apparently that includes loudspeakers.

Among the latest product offerings from Norwalk, CT-based Omega Speaker Systems is the “DeepHemp” Subwoofer that’s meant to complement the company’s hempcone speakers such as the Compact Hemp, Max Hemp and Super Hemp that range from $1,399 to $2,495 per pair.

The DeepHemp sub is $1,100 as an individual piece or $900 when bought with a pair of Omega speakers. We’ll gloss over any jokes about how smokin’ the Omega systems sound, since I’m sure at a few grand you really are getting great audio.

It features an 8-inch driver and frequency response down to 26 Hz, the company says. The 50-pound subwoofer is available in finishes such as burl ash, Italian red gloss, mahogany, teak and cherry.

Omega says the DeepHemp sub delivers deep, fast, well-defined musical bass.

Anyone have experience with Omega speakers and can tell us more about the musicality and sonic clarity hempcone and sub hemp driver provide?

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