Decorating with Light And Technology


Cool tech makes an artistic statement.

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White tones with a splash of color creates the cool vibe in this large family residence just outside of London.

To suit the decorative tastes of the homeowners, the custom electronics (CE) pros from Technophobe  in Tunbridge Wells, selected an assortment of fashion-friendly speakers from Artcoustic for the media room and adjacent bar area. “Artcoustic’s new SL speaker line offers a lot of options to create a particular look,” says Technophobe’s Jamie Marshall. “In this case, we chose a wall-mounted model in white to match the wall surface.

The three front speakers, Artcoustic’s 65-50s for the left and right and C1 SL for the center, are positioned around a Samsung 8000 LED TV. Cabinetry beneath the TV, also in a white finish and available from Artcoustic, incorporates the Artcoustic Linax subwoofer with enough room left over for the owners’ A/V components.

Put the coolest part of this home renovation is the arrangement of colored LED lights that illuminate the bar area. Controlled by a Philips Dynylite system, the owners can engage a scene that cycles the LEDs through a cycle of present colors. Technophobe grouped these and other lights into presets, which gives the family a quick and easy way to illuminate certain areas of the bar area from a wall-mounted keypad. For example, one button activates the hanging globe lamps; another the floor lights, and another the exterior lighting. 

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