Decorate Your New Flat-Panel with Paradigm On-Wall Speakers

paradigm esprit

Paradigm’s wall-mounted Reference Studio Esprit L/R and Esprit C center

Paradigm's Reference Studio Esprit L/R and Esprit C center channel can perform as wall-mounted or stand-mounted loudspeakers.

Nov. 26, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Now that you have your new wall-mounted flat-panel TV thanks to whatever Black Friday deal you capitalized on, maybe you need some good-looking on-wall speakers to round out the wall. Or free up some floor space.

The new Paradigm Reference Studio Esprit L/R and Esprit C center channel have a chic name and style to match the typical Paradigm performance specs.

The company’s proprietary ABEC (Automatic Boundary Effects Compensation) technology allows it to stand out sonically whether mounted on the wall or on a stand, as the speaker automatically tailors sound for correct “free air” frequency response, Paradigm says.

Esprit models come with adjustable wall-mounting brackets so you can angle or tilt them, while their three-way crossover design aids the audio dispersion, dynamics and timbre matching between the front, center and matching surround speaker line.

Other specs: 1-inch gold anodized pure aluminum dome tweeters, 4.5-inch satin anodized pure-aluminum midrange cones, two 7-inch mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene bass cones, bronze-anodized cast-aluminum chassis for all drivers, anodized solid-aluminum phase plugs, and IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT isolation driver mounting system.

Price for the Reference Studio Esprit is $1,099, and models come in a choice of wood veneers as well as lacquered piano black inlay with dark gray cabinet and black grille it can look especially sharp around your new LCD.

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