Deals: APC H10 Power Regulator & Harmony One Universal Remote - $99 & $149

image has solid deals on a new power regulator and universal remote.

Aug. 27, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Power ... control ... regulation ... support ... insurance ... paranoia ...

Sound like a mishmash of all the best descriptors of what’s missing from our ailing economy? Maybe, except for the last one. How about all the trappings of a maniacal super villain? Possibly, though I’m not sure how well those guys are insured or regulated.

More importantly, it’s most of the witty verbs I could come up with to describe today’s deals. 

That’s right, I have a pair of deals for you today, you know, to promote economic stimulus. Both come from the newly reopened, which was recently acquired by TigerDirect and now offers most of the same items, along with a few enticements all their own. 

First up is the APC H10 Home Theater Power Regulator. The 10-outlet console-type surge protector and power regulator offers 10 AC outlets (2 delayer for high current), 2 Coaxial In/Outs, 1 phone in w/ 2 outs, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Isolated Noise Filter Banks, DC triggers, Wiring Fault Detection, Lightning Protection, Overload Indicator, and Status Indicator LEDs. The best part is it does it all for only $99. That’s $200 less than retail, and for a brand-new unit carrying the full 5 year warranty and $500,000 in connected device coverage. 

Next up is the Harmony One activity-based universal remote. If you’re looking for a remote you can easily program yourself, even for a complex AV setup with scores of devices, home automation, and robots, this is one of the best. It can control up to 15 devices with the ease of activity based use.

Activity macros are automatically setup by the Logitech Harmony desktop software, and the remote keeps up with what devices are on and off at any given time. You can have the basic functions of a complex theater up and running in 30 minutes, and tweak things like IR delays, sequencing, automation, and touch-screen button lay out to your hearts content. Total control is just an activity away, and for only $149 for this factory refurbished unit (about $100 off MSRP and $50 off the lowest authorized new price I could find). 

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