Deal: 1TB Western Digital USB Drive - $209.99

Western Digital 1TB USB Drive

There are hard drives that have crashed, and there are hard drives that will crash. Buy yourself a little insurance to back 'em up.

Feb. 25, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

If you’ve ever watched a hard drive self-destruct I probably don’t need to explain the importance of backing up your data - be it movies, photos, emails, whatever. If you’ve somehow avoided this awesome experience, well, you’re just due. Granted, this is an incredibly un-sexy deal… possibly the most boring to date. But that’s often the case with the stuff you really need - surge protectors, fire extinguishers, and well, other types of protection.

Black Friday was the last time an external drive this big came so cheap - Circuit City had them (briefly) in stock for $199, but like so many deals that day, they went fast. This time, Dell has them for $10 more but with free shipping. The drive is from Western Digital, a brand you probably already own, part of their newish “My Book” line. It has just the one port - USB 2.0, which plugs into just about anything these days. I know some users (me) would also like a FireWire 800 port (480mps vs 800mps) but for backup purposes it’s probably overkill.

The My Book Essential comes with a Google Software pack, though in all likelihood, you’ll want to set up your own automated backup application, regardless of operating system. There are piles of them out for free or close to.

Quick specs:
- Size 2.1 in x 5.4 in. x 6.5
- Buffer 16MB
- EPA Energy Star Compliant
- Google Software Pack included
- 1 year warranty

Sale price: $209.99 each with free shipping

Deal ends: when they’re gone

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