Deal: Circuit City Swaps Your HD DVD for Blu-ray

Circuit City Trade In

If you're ready to switch teams, the red dot retailer is offering a trade-in/trade-up deal on recently purchased HD DVD players.

Mar. 05, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

For those of you “lucky” enough to have purchased an HD DVD player from Circuit City in the last 3 months, the chain is offering a “do-over” of sorts. In what looks to be a somewhat secretive program (you have to ask for it) the City will take that hidef player off your hands and apply its original purchase price towards a new Blu-ray player. Of course, you’ll be paying the difference, which could easily be a couple hundred if not more.

And before anyone asks, no, this offer does not apply to discs. That’s what eBay is for.

If you’re the type to hold a grudge, the offer also allows you to opt for a straight up gift card, to buy regular DVDs with I suppose.

I’ll give props to Circuit City for offering this type of deal, but remain a tad skeptical as to who it will actually benefit. My logic: if you purchased an HD DVD player in the 90 days prior to Toshiba’s conciliation speech (that’s the grace period for this offer), odds are you didn’t pay much, unless you went high end. Given that the street price on Blu-ray players starts at $400, this “upgrade” will cost you at least a Franklin or two, plus the titles.

What’s you take? Don’t be shy - comment below.

Price: Blu-ray minus your HD DVD

Expires: n/a


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