Deal: Sony Bravia 52” 1080p LCD - $1,595.00


Sony’s KDL-52V4100 sans 120hz.

Sony's KDL-52V4100 is a lot of screen and features for the price, but knowing what's missing is often half the battle.

Jul. 23, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

If you’re piecing together a home theater, or upgrading your existing current setup, you can do a lot worse than a Sony display. However, as most brands have several tiers to their product lines, don’t go on name alone…all Bravias are not created equal. Today’s deal is a good example of understanding what you’re getting (or not getting) and being comfortable with it.

The KDL-52V4100, the largest in the V4100 line, represents Sony’s third generation of LCD technology. It’s a good choice for rooms with ambient light and has a beautiful gloss black bezel that will class up even the trashiest den. However, in an attempt to appease Joe Average (and his diminishing budget), Sony has traded a feature or two for a lower sticker price. For instance, gone is the 120hz motion flow. While some viewers may not miss (or understand) 120hz (improves fast action scenes), this feature is one of the buzzwords many consumers have on their shopping checklist. If this is a deal breaker for you, then keep looking.

What this set does have is: Full HD 1080p resolution, Bravia Engine 2 digital signal processing, 25000:1 contrast ratio, CineMotion 3:2 reverse pull-down, an SRS S-Force audio system, Digital MPEG Noise Reduction Circuit, ATSC and NTSC tuners, 3D on-screen interface, 4 HDMI inputs (compatible with both 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 sources), and 1080p/60 component video and PC inputs along with a USB port for digital photos and music.

Owner reviews are good for this model and the line up from it, the W4100s.

Btw, if you’re planning wall-mounting, Amazon is also having a sale on this TV and throws in a bracket, cables, cleaner and a 3-year warranty for a $350 more.

Sale price: $1,595.00 (+ $199.99 s/h)

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