Deal: Sanyo 1080p LCD Projector - $1549.00


Sanyo's PLV-Z2000 3LCD projector makes big screen home theaters more than a pipe dream.

May. 07, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

Odds have it you’d like a big(ger) TV for that man room. It’s probably just as likely you haven’t won the Powerball lately, and there’s the problem. Solution? Well, a lot of you (us) are contemplating swapping those LCDs and plasmas for the latest generation of front projectors like today’s deal, the Sanyo PLV-Z2000.

This stylish “iMac-ian” projector gives you full 1920x1080 resolution with 1200 lumens (enough for a fairly dark room) and a healthy 15,000:1 contrast ratio. Reviews seem pretty good across the sites though a reoccurring complaint involves a bulb odor(?!) and the lower-than-ideal lumens.

And while the PLV-Z2000 is Sanyo’s first stab at 1080p, it does incorporate a new on-board color management system tagged “Topaz Real HD”. It’s imaging panels are the latest Epson .74” design, similar to other 3LCD projectors.

The projector is blessed with a new Durable Inorganic Optical System. Why? Being an LCD projector, organic dichroic layers can fade with time, especially the blues. Inorganic layers are typically more expensive, but also more stable at extreme temperatures.

Rear connectivity includes a composite and a S-video jack, two rows of component YPbPr connectors, a 15-pin VGA jack, and a pair of HDMI 1.3 inputs. Unfortunately, no 12V screen trigger or RS232 interface — just a plain old DIN-style jack marked “service port.” Pah.

Sale price: $1549 after these two rebates ($300 off/$300 off)

Deal ends: 05/31/08

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