Deal: Original ‘Star Trek,’ Season One Blu-ray - $64.99

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‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Season One is on Amazon for $64.99

You can pre-order 'Star Trek: The Original Series' complete Season One as a Blu-ray box set for $64.99, half off the regular price.

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Star Trek fans, we hope you’ve got at least a few pennies saved up so you can grab the new Blu-ray box set, which comes out on April 28 (gulp, tomorrow).

We’re not sure if Amazon is extending its sale price after the set is actually released, but at least today you can still get ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Season One on Blu-ray for $64.99.

That’s 50 percent off the regular price for the seven-disc set, which is sure to please Trekkie nation with its fresh audio and video transfer.

For the initial season of the landmark series that started it all, this seems like a must-have for ‘Star Trek’ fans and one that will look glorious on any home theater—especially those with screens that can mask down to the 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio to give it even extra pop. Doesn’t even have to be a Star Trek themed theater, either.

One of the Amazon commenters revealed himself as a reviewer for DVDBeaver and had nothing but glowing things to say about the box set:

I am probably one of the few that actually own it. I am a reviewer and have an early copy. It looks and sounds magnificent. Each of the 7 Blu-ray discs are dual-layered (47+ Gig) and each episode takes up between 7.5 - 12 Gig of space. I’ve compared screen grabs to the old 2000 DVDs on the DVDBeaver website and anyone can plainly see the incredible superiority. The image is stunning and the 7.1 sound is over 4000 kpbs. These are even better transfers than the HD-DVDs. I give a very strong recommendation. Great value in my opinion.

And that HD DVD 10-disc box release was hyped a plenty, not to mention a $194 price tag upon its arrival, but showed just how good high-def transfers could be. Sounds like the Blu-ray will be a great addition to any collection. Plus if you act quick, you’ll still have some money left over for next month’s ‘Trek’ movie releases.

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