Deal: Logitech Harmony 520 Remote - $59.99

Logitech Harmony 520 Remote

A family friendly remote with super easy macros and an intuitive web-based setup.

Jan. 25, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get rid of your 12 other remotes. Seriously. Regardless of which brand you go with, universals have come so far that there’s just no reason to not own one.

A few years ago Logitech bought the Harmony line, and despite some concern among a/v enthusiasts, they actually improved upon an already great product. The Harmony 520 is one of the first items produced from that union - it has a nice form factor, super easy programming (via the web) and all the functions the average user will ever need. It’s not their top of the line model mind you, that would currently be the awesome Harmony 1000, but the 520 certainly gets the job done (at 1/10th the price).

The keypad packs a lot of buttons into its slim frame, including a numeric keypad, a four-way directional pad, and full playback transport controls. You can program just about any of these buttons to any function you want and the macro-like “Activities” set let’s you switch from watching a DVD to listening to the radio with just one touch.

Programming is done online and then downloaded (via Mac or Windows) to the remote via USB. That means it’s Harmony’s job to keep up on all those new products - you just point and click. It also means as you grow and update your entertainment system, this remote can come along. There’s no recharge station for this model, so you’ll have to change the batteries now and then. Can’t have everything.

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