Deal: Jamo Bookshelf, Surround Speakers


Jamo C401 Bookshelf Speaker is currently on sale for $79/pair from Vann’s.

Vann's also offering Jamo center-channel speakers for $99 each; all deals have free shipping.

Apr. 09, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Jim wants speakers. Real speakers. A 5-channel home theater with full, robust sound.

Jane (Jim’s wife) reluctantly agrees to a surround sound system in the living room under two conditions: small speakers and small price.

Jim’s dreams die a sad death.

Or do they? They’re not a JBL Synthesis arrangement, but the Concert Series from Danish speaker company Jamo is a compromise between full-size speaker an tiny satellites with a cherry finish that should keep Jim’s interior decorator happy ... Jane that is.

With Vann’s current pricing and free shipping, these little gems will please Jim’s accountant as well ... that’s also Jane.   

Jamo C401 4” Bookshelf Speakers - $79/pair
Jamo C400SUR Surround Speakers - $79/pair
Jamo C400CEN Center-channel Speaker - $99/each

Keeping the wife, financier, and decorator happy in one fail swoop ... leave it to the Danes. Also available in black, but you must not know Jane.

Deals subject to change and may be limited as items sell out.

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