Deal: Harmony 890 IR/RF Remote - $99


Logitech Harmony 890 IR/RF remote

Amazon has a good deal on the Harmony 890 remote that features most of what the excellent 900 has, plus free shipping.

Nov. 09, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I recently reviewed the Logitech Harmony 900 activity-based IR/RF remote. It’s the best user-programmable remote I’ve ever tested. And while still an excellent value at its current street price of around $300, that’s not exactly cheap either. 

I’m always a fan of grabbing last year’s technology at a significant discount, and right now Amazon has the Harmony 890 IR/RF remote for just $99 with free shipping. More or less, it does everything the 900 does, but without the touchscreen and manta-ray styling. It also sports Z-Wave wireless home automation control, an option that was dropped on the 900.

I’m also a DIYer at heart. I want to be able to program my own remote, and I also want to be able to build things. If you have an upcoming project, or think owning some decent power-tools might motivate you to take on a project, check out the Craftsman 4pc 19.2v Drill/Light/Saw/Vacuum combo currently available for just $79.99 from Sears. 

I own a similar combo and, while the 5-1/2” saw won’t chew through 3/4” MDF effortlessly, there aren’t many cordless tools that will.  The 19.2v batteries offer plenty of power and adequate battery life, and the drill is both variable-speed and torque-clutch to prevent stripping of screw heads. My two complaints about this particular package are that it only includes one battery, and the charger is an 8-hour model. 

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