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It's not enough to plug it in, you need to optimize. Thankfully, it's never been easier.

Mar. 25, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

It always astounds me how many HDTV owners are content with the out-of-the-box settings. It’s no secret that factory defaults are notoriously weak - their only goal being not to offend. Hardly the wow factor you were going for. I understand some people don’t like to mess with dials - me, I’ll tweak the toaster oven if the wife looks away long enough. But optimizing your set doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and today’s deal is a great example.

Authored by home theater industry legend Joe Kane, “Digital Video Essentials-HD Basics” has everything you’ll need to fine tune your display, whether it’s a 32” Olivia or 108” AQUOS. Each chapter walks you through the various terms we geeks love to to toss around, and gives in-depth explanations of how to use each grid, gradient, and test pattern.

The disc itself uses a simple menu to jump through the various calibration steps and includes a “quick set-up” option for the truly lazy. You also get tools to balance your audio components and Joe’s custom Tri-Color reference filter. You’ll even get some content, including a 97 minute HDTV overview, clips on how hi-def shows are made and a couple of commentaries from industry big shots.

For $17, consider this deal short change for getting the most from your $1000+ TV purchase.

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