Deal: Converter Box for 1 Cent

Apex DT502

Use the $40 government-issued converter box coupon on the Apex DT502. is offering a great DTV converter deal on the Apex DT502.

Jan. 04, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For all of you scrounging store shelves for converter boxes… well, this one might not be easy to find either. See, the price is just a penny, assuming you still have one of the coveted government-issued converter coupons.

The model is the Apex DT502. It typically retails for $59.99, but is trying to unload them with a $19.98 instant rebate. Add your $40 coupon (yes, it applies), and you’ll owe just 1 cent.

Don’t try to sneak in an expired one either. They aren’t falling for that. Just be aware that the sale price doesn’t include shipping costs. That takes the total up to $9, if you’re getting ground service.

Still, it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you are having a hard time finding a box and/or time to use your coupon. We’re guessing the offer is good until they run out of boxes.

Product features:

  • All-channel tuner 2-69
  • Display all DTV formats
  • Display all multicast channels
  • Display program information (PSIP)
  • Input: RF (F connector), Output: RF and composite (3 RCA plugs)
  • A remote control
  • Digital parental control
  • Closed-captioning

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