Deal: Boston Acoustics Yard Speaker - $199.99


Fire up the grill and invite the neighbors over, you've got some Voyager RK5 speakers to show off.

Apr. 03, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

BOB: Hey Bill, great party.

BILL: Thanks Bob. I just finished the deck and figured it would be fun to have the neighbors over to celebrate. ‘Nother burger?

BOB: Nah, I’m good. Great music too. By the way, where are the speakers? I don’t see any on the house?

BILL: Ha, no, they’re in the bushes… they look just like real rocks.

BOB: Oh. You mean like the one you’re dog is, um, marking?

BILL: Doh!

Yes, Spring is in the air and our thoughts turn to BBQs, baseball and, for some of us, a lot of yard work. If you’re like Bob, you’ll want to take your music with you, but not in an obvious, speaker-nailed-to-the-vinyl-siding way. Today’s deal let’s you hide the tunes in with the tulips, behind the forsythia, or any part of your yard the dog hasn’t “claimed”.

As part of Boston Acoustics’s Voyager line of “soundscape” speakers, each RK5 has a mica-filled 5/25 inch dual voice-coil woofer with a butyl rubber surround and a .75 inch soft dome tweeter. The drivers are also angled up at 20 degrees to get the music into your party crowd. Since this model has but one tweeter (other models have 2) it probably shouldn’t be used alone, unless you’re going for that mono feel. How many speakers you’ll need depends on your property size and configuration. Since they can run on just 5 watts (and up to 100) you won’t need a second amp to run them… just splice and play.

The speaker enclosure is, of course, completely weather and UV proof, and comes with 6 feet of underground-rated cable. There’s also and internal mounting post for a 70/100 volt transformer if you plan to run your wire long.

Sale price: $199.99

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