Deal: Best of Blu-ray Action Pack - $57.95

Best of Blu-ray Action Pack

A Blu-ray four-fer movie pack, filled with Warner's best hi-def swords, guns and explosions.

Mar. 27, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

If your new to the Blu-ray camp or just looking to bulk up your BD collection, deals like this can take the sting out of filling your movie shelves.

This testosterone-fest of swordplay and explosions is comprised of four Warner flicks - Troy (Director’s Cut), Blood Diamond, Wyatt Earp and Alexander Revisited (The Final Cut). None of them blockbusters by any standard (Alexander Revisited?), but certainly packed with plenty of fast moving action scenes that shine in this hi-def format.

The discs themselves each have their own original packaging, no generic wrappers to disgrace your theater. The outer packaging is merely eye candy with minimal audio/video specs and plot summaries. I suspect most will trash it along with the Amazon box it came in.

Other bundles are also available including a Family set and several mix-n-match boxes with movies like The Last Samurai, Unforgiven, Lethal Weapon, Training Day and more.

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