Deal: Belkin My Essential HDTV Cable Kit - $9.99


Belkin’s My Essential HDTV Cable Kit has an assortment of cables to meet every scenario for you with Belkin's low-cost cable kit.

Sep. 10, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Never have the right cable when you need to integrate a new piece of equipment into your setup? I always have the right cable ... mainly because I’ve bought the wrong cable so many times that they end up being the right cable somewhere down the road, but also because I jump on deals when I see them. For example ...

Today has the Belkin My Essential HDTV Cable Kit on sale for $9.99 with free shipping. The kid contains 6-foot lengths of the following:

- HDMI AV Cable
- Component Video Cable
- RCA Audio Cable
- Digital Optical Audio Cable
- S-Video Cable
- RCA Audio/Video cable
- HDMI to DVI Adapter

All of the above, even if purchased from perennial favorite low-cost cable source Monoprice, would run you around $19 + SH (anywhere from $5 - $7 depending on which coast you’re on).  While these wouldn’t be my cables of choice for permanent installation in a dedicated theater with high-end components, they should definitely do the job with consumer-oriented gear on smaller screens, or in-a-pinch like the extremely common instances above. 

- Need to slide a PC with DVI output in to Hulu that season premier you forgot to program on your TiVo? CHECK.
- Need to connect that old digital-8mm camera to relive your daughter’s 4th grade play with her new boyfriend? CHECK.
- Need to dust off your old region-free DVD player for director’s commentary on the Newest Super Special Japanese Import Edition of Akira? CHECK. 
- Need a spare HDMI to hookup your HD-DVD player for ... well ... ummm ... never mind.

Now, granted, you may not need all of these cables, but given the price if you even need one or two of what the kit offers, it’s still a great deal. Even if you’re just looking for a single 6-foot HDMI cable, $10 isn’t a bad price at all when you consider how many other contingencies you’re not covered for. 

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