Deal: Armrest Organizer + Other Remote Consolidation Options


The six-pack armrest organizer isn't exactly the best way to organize your remote controls, so check into universal remote options.

Jan. 04, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Welcome to 2010. The ball has dropped. The confetti has flown. It’s time to take control of your life.  In the A/V world, we mean remote control—as in consolidation. 

If you’re looking for the absolute least expensive way to consolidate all of your remote controls, head on over to Yugster where, for a low $8.99 + SH, you can grab a six-pocket armrest organizer with tray table capable of holding extremely small amounts of popcorn and ambiguous brown beverages. 

Just in case you actually clicked the link above and you’re actually considering buying one of those things ... reel it back in for a minute, because there are far better ways to consolidate your remotes and take control of your A/V life. My personal favorite is the Logitech Harmony line due to ease of programming and use. Whether it’s the new Harmony 900 or a lowly refurb Harmony 520, you can automate most basic to complex systems in short order. 

If you decide to go through your local Custom Installer, check out the Control4 Home Control starter package or one of the many great URC MX Series products. Regardless of your budget or how much you want to get your hands dirty, 2010 is the year to take control of your cluster of remotes and, in turn, your life!

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