Deal: Apple TV 40GB - $198.00

Deal: Apple TV

More than an add-on, less than a full-blown media server, the Apple TV has found its niche in the real world home theater.

Feb. 15, 2008 — by Gordon Jones

After almost a year of disappointing Mac fans everywhere, it seems the Apple TV has finally broken the curse and become a verified player in the media server arena. No, this is not your (very) rich uncle’s VidaBox Magnum. In fact, Apple TV is a one-room pony at best. But what it does do, it does beautifully, especially since last weeks upgrade love via Apple TV Take 2.

What changed the game for the Apple TV is its newfound independence. Sure, you can still stream music, photos, movies, and podcasts from any computer on your local network, but now you don’t HAVE to. Via the added direct link to the iTunes Store you can now rent and/or buy content without the middleman. That makes this appliance attractive to those without computers (?!) and those obsessed with keeping things ultra simple. Oh, another bonus - the Apple TV is the only client (for now) privy to the iTunes HD offerings, which from all accounts are pretty decent quality, picture-wise.

The 40GB drive on this model is still a sore spot for many users, and while there are hacks to open the USB port and add an external hard drive, it requires some fiddling in terminal. If size is important, you should consider the 160GB model for $120 more.

- 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
- Component video
- Optical audio
- HDMI (video and audio)
- 40GB hard drive
- Built-in IR receiver and Apple Remote

Sale price:  $198.00 + $10.08 shipping

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